Overcome Document-Related Challenges with Ease

Familiar with popular computer file formats like .XLS, .PDF, .DOC, and .JPG? Imagine you have a critical meeting in a few minutes. Support for your proposal is found in several file types on your computer. How can you quickly assemble and organize this information into a high-quality report to make your case?

Canon offers two powerful, easy solutions for this and many other document-related challenges. Built on the same architecture, one serves general office needs, and the other serves more advanced prepress needs. Both solutions enable users to easily assemble documents from multiple sources and leverage all your Canon MFP devices finishing options to create compelling, professional-looking reports and presentations.

General Office Publishing

Office workers use imageWARE Publishing Manager to quickly assemble booklets, presentations, and other critical documents. Then the software lets these users take full advantage of their Canon devices finishing tools to output just like the pros with tabs, inserts, covers, stapling, spiral binding, and more.

Settle For Average Office Tools No Longer

Don't let a single application dictate how you create your documents. Now you can easily combine scanned pages, PDFs, Word files, Excel spreadsheets and more into unified, professional reports and presentations. With Canon publication solutions you can work more quickly and make a real impression with your documents.

Combine multiple file formats

Desktop’s Binder Editor gives users the ability to combine documents from multiple sources (MS Office, PDF, images, etc.) through either their Desktop library or printing directly into the Binder Editor. Once documents have been added to the Binder Editor pages can be rearranged, finishing settings can be added and previewed on screen before printing.

imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop Binder Editor

On the fly document changes

After combining documents with Desktop’s Binder Editor, users can then rearrange page content and change text through the Object Layout Editor without leaving imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop or launching any additional software. Either Detail Mode to change the text or Block Mode to rearrange entire sections of a document and consolidate information from multiple documents can be used to make on the fly changes to any document.


Drag and Drop Multiple Files to Create a Single Document

Streamline document assembly like never before. Complement your existing desktop software with an application that allows you to drag and drop files into a powerful document window.

drag and drop
Complement the PC applications you rely on every day with imageWARE solutions that make tasks easier. View Larger Image

Say Goodbye to Manual Collation

Eliminate time-consuming collation tasks once and for all. Canon publication solutions make it easy to organize files on-screen, adn then output them with confidence. Drag and drop files into a powerful document window, or scan in hard-copy pages to combine them with common office formats. Edit page order and arrange content with familiar, straightforward tools.

Deliver Advanced Finishing to the Office

Leave behind tedious manual stapling and report binding tasks once and for all. Take advantage of a full array of finishing settings unavailable in other software. Print 1-up, 2-up, and create booklets with tabs, inserts, and spiral binding to give your work the professional look it deserves.

advanced finishing

Maximize Results with Powerful Personalization Features

Personalized, one-to-one marketing can greatly improve response rates. With Canon publishing solutions, you can set text and image fields more easily than ever before, then populate them with data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and other data sources in order to personalize each piece. Canon solutions empower you to create everything from simple mail merges to sophisticated marketing campaigns.

maximize results
Create powerful customized marketing efforts.

Publishing Manager Features:

Merge Digital Files

Simply and intuitively combine scanned documents, e-mails, spreadsheets, presentations, and web pages.

Merge Digital Files

Document Creation Wizard

Assemble documents using a drag-and-drop interface that lets you select, delete, and rearrange pages.

Template Management

Give your documents structure and consistency with both ready-to-use templates and the ability to create your own.

imageRUNNER Finishing

If you have the power, why not publish like a pro? Depending on your imageRUNNER's capabilities, you can set up your document for booklet printing, hole punching, mixed paper sizes and orientations, subset stapling, tab insertion, and advanced color settings.

imageRUNNER Finishing

Print Preview

See exactly how your document will print with all settings included, eliminating waste and the need to print more than once.

Flexible Output

Flexible Output

Either print your documents or distribute them electronically in PDF format.


Apply watermarks to pages using samples provided with the application or ones of your own design.


Using data from databases or spreadsheets, use the Variable Printing Editor to create more effective documents targeted at individuals or groups.

Customize your marketing campaigns — large or small — with ease.

imageWARE Integration

Close integration with imageWARE Document Manager allows you to directly store and manage documents created with imageWARE Publishing Manager.

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imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop provides three main functions: document management, device collaboration, and device monitoring. Users can store documents in a library, access files on the Advance Box, share fax address books with other iR ADVANCE Desktop users, and see at a glance which devices in their fleet are operational. Document Binder, a feature of iR ADVANCE Desktop, gives users the ability to combine documents from multiple file formats, preview and set the print settings, and make edits with the Object Layout Editor. With imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop, end users have the tools necessary to better manage documents and interact with imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems.
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imageWARE Publishing Manager

Canon imageWARE Publishing Manager is user-friendly document publishing software designed to increase office productivity by allowing you to streamline time-consuming manual tasks with fast, powerful, easy-to-use digital workflows. With imageWARE Publishing Manager, business professionals now have the power to combine various types of office-level document files together to enable high-quality output with ease.

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Please note that some products listed on this website might not be available in Canada and Latin American Countries. Please confirm the product availability with your Canon Sales Associate.

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Personal Productivity

imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop provides users with their own personal productivity tools including document management and print settings management. With the use of personal libraries users are given a more advanced means of tracking, handling, or adding annotations to their documents either on the PC or the ADVANCE Box. Merging documents and previewing print settings is simplified with the use of the Binder Editor, where users can merge, preview and set print settings as well as make last minute edits to the text with the Object Layout Editor.


General Office

Do your people create presentations, reports, or newsletters regularly? Why not enable them to look like pros with Canon publishing solutions. They can now quickly assemble complex documents from multiple files and then use the advanced finishing settings on a Canon MFP to produce printed covers, bookets, and more. These solutions enable businesses to upgrade their images while conserving time, money, and resources.


Small and medium-sized businesses can make their direct marketing efforts much more compelling by personalizing flyers, cards, invitations, and other materials with Canon publishing or prepress solutions. Swap out names and images using simple items like Excel spreadsheets or databases to populate your communications.

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Operating System

  • Windows XP with SP3 or later (x86)
  • Windows Vista SP2 or later
  • Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate


  • X86 Computer with a “Works with Windows Vista” logo/li>
  • CPU: 1.3GHz or more
  • RAM: 512MB or more
  • Disk space: 1.5GB or more
  • SXGA or WXGA or higher resolution

Recommended Software

  • Windows Desktop Search 4.0 (for Windows)
  • iFilter for various documents

imageWARE Publishing Manager


  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional Service Pack 4
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2*
  • Microsoft Windows Vista® Home Basic*
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium*
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Business*
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise*
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate*
  • Only 32-bit edition is supported

Note: Terminal Server or MetaFrame environments are unsupported.



  • For Windows 2000/XP: 500MHz or Higher (1GHz or Higher Recommended)
  • For Windows Vista: 800MHz or Higher (1GHz or Higher Recommended)


  • For Windows 2000/XP: 256MB or More (512MB or More Recommended)
  • For Windows Vista: 512MB or More (1GB or More Recommended)


  • SVGA High Color or Higher Resolution (XGA True Color or Higher Resolution Recommended)

Free Disk Space

  • Depends on the Data to Import (1GB or More Recommended)

For more information regarding imageWARE Prepress Manager and the imagePRESS line of products, please email us at .

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