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Case Studies

Want to learn about Canon solutions in action? Here are examples of the many businesses benefitting from carefully implemented Canon hardware and software solutions.

Simplicity in a Diverse World - Propex Operating Company, LLC

This case study describes the challenges faced by Propex, and how Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE MFPs combined with uniFLOW software provided an effective solution for merging diverse IT infrastructures that print, copy, send, and fax at the global manufacturing company.

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Telecommunication Company Case Study

Based on actual customer scenario, this describes how Canon technology helps a telecommunications company improve their workflow so they could focus more on their core business functions.

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NYC Law Firm Case Study

Based on actual customer scenario, this describes how Canon technology helps a law firm address its billing challenges while reducing time wasted on manual processes.

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Real Estate Firm Case Study

Based on actual customer scenario, this describes how Canon technology helps a dynamic residential real estate company add color capabilities while saving money.

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Regional Bank Case Study

Based on actual customer scenario, this describes how imageRUNNER ADVANCE device quality and functionality helped a regional bank expand efficiently as it grows functionally and geographically.

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Transforming Document Workflows - CA Technologies

This case study described the challenges faced by CA Technologies and how Canon worked to help create a print strategy for reducing costs and environmental footprint for this large technology company.

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Advancing Medical Care for the Northeastern Pennsylvania Community. A flexible printing, copying, scanning, faxing, and sending solution for The Commonwealth Medical College

This case study describes the challenges faced by The Commonwealth Medical College and how Canon U.S.A. combined powerful imageRUNNER MFPs with uniFLOW Output Manager software to provide a flexible printing, copying, scanning, faxing, and sending solution for the College.

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Making every day more hopeful. Delivering output efficiency, cost control, and compliance solutions for the Hamilton Center

This case study describes the challenges faced by the Hamilton Center, Inc. and how Canon U.S.A. combined powerful imageRUNNER MFPs with uniFLOW Output Manager software to provide a comprehensive document workflow, cost controlling, secure and HIPPA compliant solution.

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A complete solution for printing, copying, and output management for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

This case study describes the challenges faced by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and how Canon U.S.A., Inc. and its ISG Professional Services team combined powerful imageRUNNER MFPs with uniFLOW Output Manager software to help improve overall operations. The end result is the Center could now dedicate more resources towards its primary focus – saving lives.

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Legal Industry Workflow Challenges

The customer, a law firm, offers comprehensive legal services to a wide range of clients in the gaming industry throughout North America and worldwide. In a heavily regulated industry like gaming, they knew the best way to learn was by starting from the inside—working with state and local government regulatory authorities that draft gaming legislation, rules, and regulations, and provide gaming counsel services to them. Throughout this case study you’ll see how their workflow went from being manually intensive and time-consuming, to an automated cost-saving process using Canon solutions.

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Improving Customer Operational Performance

Universal Restoration Services is a premier provider of loss management and restoration services for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional properties. It provides a wide breadth of recovery services aimed at minimizing the financial, physical, and emotional impact associated with a property loss.

Regardless of the nature, size, or location of a disaster, Universal Restoration Services responds with the expediency and expertise necessary to minimize physical damage, business interruption, and additional living expenses.

Their Estimating and Project Management Teams help ensure a successful restoration engagement each and every time by utilizing Universal Restoration Services’ methodology for loss recovery, forward-thinking restoration techniques, and technical innovations backed by years of collaborative industry experience. The company operates 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, as it simply cannot afford to be down for any reason. Its foremost core value is strong relationships—first with its own employees, then with its customers and vendors. This case study describes the many challenges faced and how Canon U.S.A., Inc. helped improve the customer’s overall workflow, allowing Universal Restoration Services to better serve its customers.

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Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office Conversion from Canofile to imageWARE

Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office had been utilizing Canofile, an electronic filing system introduced by Canon, for its scanning operations for several years. Canofile had fit Vanderburgh’s initial business requirements, which helped them achieve workflow efficiency and their subsequent expansion of Canofile as their imaging and electronic document repository system. With the discontinuation of Canofile, Vanderburgh was faced with a difficult business decision – how and what to replace Canofile with. The case study delves into Vanderburgh’s engagement with Canon Professional Services to review their options and how they decided to move forward with imageWARE as their imaging and electronic document repository system.

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A Global Manufacturing Company unlocks new business strategy with imageWARE

A global manufacturing company faced several challenges managing their document workflows. A significant complication was the utilization of three separate document management systems at their North American headquarters. The use of disparate systems to manage document workflows resulted in a chaotic, haphazard practice to convert documents into electronic records. In addition, they were managing more work with fewer resources for their day to day operations.

imageWARE has provided new insight into simplifying their document workflows. The use of imageWARE is proving to ease their document conversion by centralizing their scanning operations and relieving manual intervention by staff. This is helping imageWARE become the preferred document management solution from both an IT and staff perspective. The success of imageWARE may eventually displace the other systems in use and help them meet their goal of having one document management solution for their entire organization.

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A Property Management Company Upgrades its Rental Agreement and Invoice Processing

A Property Management Company had grown through a series of successful acquisitions, but it faced challenges integrating the new businesses into one combined entity. In particular, its rental agreement and invoice operations had become increasingly inefficient with multiple manual and paper-intensive processes. imageWARE document management solutions transformed these manual processes into an automated electronic document workflow.

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A Casino and Gaming Company Bets on a Faster, Electronic Document Storage System

A Casino and Gaming Company was using rented warehouses to store large amounts of hard-copy documentation for audit and compliance purposes. Canon imageWARE document management solutions transformed this cumbersome and expensive work-flow into an efficient document storage and retrieval system.

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The Suffolk County Sheriff's Department Keeps Track of Inmates

The Suffolk County Sheriff's Department was spending too much time keeping track of the inmates' records with a manual filing system. Information was not available when needed, and valuable office space was taken over by cabinets.

An imageWARE® document management solution allows the department to scan in the inmate files and convert large amounts of personal information including incarcer- ation history, medical records, and mug shots to electronic records. Former filing cabinet space has now been freed up to become offices, and a clerical position was eliminated, saving the county money. With imageWARE's sophisticated search and archival technology, Jane Does can now be searched and positively identified in minutes.

"The implementation of imageWARE has significantly streamlined our records mana- gement and workflow operations," says Lynn Clark of the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department. "We have dramatically improved inmate records management, while at the same time cutting the time associated with input, retrieval, and processing of these records from days to seconds."

Defense Contractor Simplifies Complex Hard-Copy Workflows

A prominent defense contractor needed to implement a paper-to-data workflow that involved scanning large numbers of hard-copy forms, automatically recognizing doc- ument types, extracting indexing information, and routing them appropriately. The Canon document management solution began with imageRUNNER and DR Scanners which provide a central location for employees to input documents. They batch scan forms with imageWARE Scan Manager which recognizes their types, extracts key information, and automatically routes them to the appropriate destin- ations. Employees can then manage and access the entire electronic archive using imageWARE Document Manager. As a result, a cumbersome data entry process has become streamlined, automated, and error free.

Cable TV Provider Removes Kinks From Processes

The internal education department of a large cable operator needed to streamline its print production workflows. On a typical day, it experienced a large volume of docu- ments arriving at production centers in multiple formats that required considerable finishing. With imageWARE Prepress Manager, the department was able to handle a variety of complex tasks more easily. Predesigned templates enabled employees to apply settings to files and immediately choose from among a wide array of finishing options including hole punches, printed tabs, subset stapling, and slip sheets. At the same time, Prepress Manager was tightly integrated with Canon color and black-and- white print engines, making it easy and efficient to print combinations of both. As a result, the company was able to automate its entire document make-ready and printing processes for its publications.

Streamline Cost Recovery for Print-Related Activities

A large organization with a global deployment of Canon and non-Canon devices needed an easy way to monitor device-related activities for cost management. The solution needed to be centralized but also low cost, since the company was not interested in tracking bill-back activities. The answer was a flexible cost-recovery solution from Canon, deployed in a single data center that communicated directly with devices around the world. Reporting capabilities enabled the company to easily track activity and monitor device workload, as well as use the data to validate meter readings and analyze the output environment for better control over expenses.

Central Bucks School District Streamlines Hiring System

Central Bucks School District faced a daunting challenge in managing over 1,000 applicant resumes across the school district. With over 40 people involved and spread out among more than 20 different buildings, the hiring process was bottle- necked with manual systems including interoffice mail and in-person deliveries.

An imageWARE¨ document management solution enabled the district to capture, organize, and manage hiring-related documents, expediting the search for qualified school personnel. Now all professional and support staff resumes are scanned at the administrative office and placed on the network, making them immediately available to all hiring personnel. The solution also provides a completely searchable database of resumes. To find qualified candidates, employees simply enter criteria, and all applicable resumes appear on screen. They can even take advantage of an annot- ation tool to attach notes to each resume, allowing all involved hiring parties to communicate efficiently.

"We have created a seamless resume management system with imageWARE," says the district's Pam Spangler. "We can share resumes and files across 20 different locations. We have reduced a process that normally took days to minutes."

Manage Devices Easily, All Across An Enterprise

A well-known beverage company wanted a more effective means of monitoring network-connected devices. By working closely with its Canon provider, the company implemented an imageWARE Enterprise Management Console solution. This enabled the company to remotely view devices, push device configurations, receive device error alerts, and retrieve meter information. As a result, the company was able to manage its fleet proactively and offer better service to internal users.

Protecting Their Competitive Edge

A global car manufacturer had experienced costly information leakage of highly confidential plans. It needed to lock down its MFP devices while maintaining simple workflows for authorized users. With imageWARE Secure Audit Manager, all users are now authenticated at a device using a corporate ID card before they can access any functionality. At the same time, the system tracks and stores user data, job attributes, and job images in a searchable database. If the system detects particular keywords, it automatically notifies responsible parties in real time. The end result is a secure system that complies with company policies, while still enabling users to be as productive as possible.

Consumer Products Company Gets Output Costs Under Control

A global consumer products company needed an entirely secure output environment that also enabled better cost control. A uniFLOW Output Manager solution changed the game, allowing the company to strictly account for job costs by user and department. It also provided an integrated proximity ID card that made user authentication a simple, one-swipe process. Meanwhile, the uniFLOW Secure Printing Module enabled those authorized users to securely print documents anywhere on the network. The company now enjoys greater insight and control over costs while maintaining a secure yet productive output system.

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